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Natural Hemp Extract Oils

Legends Hemp Extract Oil Plus

Legends Hemp Extract Oil Plus

Choose from 3 natural flavors.

3 Different doses.

What’s the difference?

Legends RealSpectrum™ CBD

Hemp Extract Oil , or CBD, in 60 Seconds

A healing extract that doesn’t get you high!


All the Benefits of Medical Marijuana WITHOUT the High

Cannibis is a nature constituent in marijuana and hemp plants.

CBD and THC are two main compounds in the marijuana plant.

CBD is a major non psychoactive component.

CBD has anti inflammatory, anti convulsant, antipsychotic antioxidant, neuro-protective and immunomodulatory effects.

CBD is used to reduce intoxicating effects of THC, such as paranoia and memory

CBD has a plethora of Clinical Trial proven Health Benefits

CBD is Legal in all 50 States

LEGENDS Health Hemp Extract CBD Oil Plus x4 Natural
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